7.0 Trying out Clustering with K-Means

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Hi, Do you have the URL for downloading the “data_arrest.csv” file used in this lecture? Thanks

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Hi John,

Thank you for the message, sorry that the file was not uploaded as well.

You can find it here

Any issues let me know, we will update it on the website so you can download it from the K Means walkthrough page in future.



Thank you, Tim. I’ll try using that.

Hi John,
The file is also now available from the lesson source panel.


Thanks for the walkthrough and notes; Plotly is pretty nifty, I was very excited when the choropleth map appeared.

My map matches the map on the video. I think the notes corresponding to this lecture may be looking at a different dataset, because the map is slightly different.

For this line in the notes, I think it might be a slight change from:

plt.plot(range(1, 11), wcss)


plt.plot(range(1, 11), inertia)

then it worked.

Looking forward to section 2!

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