Big Academy Updates


Since launching our first Academy courses a few months ago, we’ve been collecting user feedback on things you like and things you’d like us to change. So, after digesting all of this, we’ll be making two big changes to the Academy this week.


If you’re an existing Academy subscriber, there’s no action for you to take and you’ll get everything in the Academy for the next year at no extra cost :slight_smile:

Here are the details…

Change 1 - Shorter Bitesize Courses

You told us you wanted shorter courses for discrete chunks of bitesize learning. So, our two current courses will be divided up into four separate courses…

Zero to Sixty - Foundations in Machine Learning will become:

  • Getting Started in Machine Learning
  • Using General Linear Models in Machine Learning

Machine Thinking - Machine Learning Models for Professionals will become:

  • The Kernel Trick: A First Look at Flexible Machine Learning
  • Tree-based Algorithms: Random Forests and Gradient Boosted Trees

All of our future courses will tend to follow this trend - they’ll be shorter and more tightly focused on specific topics. But don’t worry, we’ll clearly signpost how they relate to each other and what you should cover before and after each course.

Change 2 - One annual subscription for ALL courses!

Instead of subscribing to individual courses, now you can simply subscribe to the whole Academy for a single annual fee and have access to all courses!

This will be much more cost-effective for anyone wanting to take more than a handful of courses during the year…our goal here at digiLab is to get more people into machine learning, so this is a win-win for everyone!

As an early supporter of digiLab Academy, we’re saying thank you by providing full access to all Academy content for 1 year, at no extra charge!

Simply log in as normal and you’ll have access to all currently available courses for one year. You’ll also get access to all of the courses we’re currently working on.

Your subscription won’t auto-renew, so you can decide again next year if you want to re-subscribe and continue learning with us.

It’s early days and digiLab Academy is still only a minnow in the online learning world but we’re committed to building one of the best learner-focused places to learn practical machine learning online.

On behalf of the whole team at digiLab, thanks for your ongoing support!

We’ll post again in this thread when the update is live


Hi Sean, et al.,

Thank you for this information, which you also sent by email. Both of these changes make good sense and are definite improvements.

However, I must have been paying more attention to your courses than to my email, because I’d missed all this and was getting confused that I seemed to be watching lessons which I’d already taken!

So one suggestion, which it might now be too late to implement, is that it would be great if you had been able to carry over the information about which lessons I’d completed, even if these are now spread over multiple courses. This would have reduced my confusion somewhat as, until I took (/repeated) another lesson after these changes, the “My Courses” tab was indicating that I had taken none, which was (and still is) incorrect.

I’m presuming that the sequence of lessons remains largely (or completely) unchanged, so I just have to figure out where I left off!!

Thanks for providing these very useful courses,

Hi John,
Thanks for the feedback and apologies for any confusion. We haven’t migrated the lesson completion status to the new format courses. As a relatively small dev team focused on the migration, this one slipped past us.

Hopefully you’ve got your bearings now - as you guessed, the lesson order is completely unchanged - it’s a clear cut along section boundaries to turn one course into two. As soon as you mark any lessons complete with the new format, your ‘My Courses’ tab will be populated with the new format course.

Thanks again for your feedback.


Thanks for the update.